Optimize Non-Profit Company Network Performance

Monitored and studied network to isolate and eliminate performance hindering problems. First, an extra DHCP server had been installed unintentionally and the service was shut down. The actual DHCP server was then found to be issuing old DNS information and causing an extreme lag when DNS always had to be routed to the secondary Google servers. The DNS information was updated to reflect the new DCs on the intranet.
This caused systems to be much more responsive, but brought to light a new problem. The whole intranet had become an island where time was not being properly read from NTP servers. Noticed by a client when her computer and cell phone clocks did not match, the intranet was about 5 minutes slow. The problem ended up residing in the firewall, which maintained an NTP service with incorrectly configured time. Whats more is that the firewall also redirected externally addressed NTP traffic to itself, causing everything inside the network to get its time. Once time was updated on the firewall, the intranet began keeping in time with external sources.


Project Student: Blake Kindred

Policy Report

The Living Lab serves the students by giving them opportunities to have hands on experience in networking, security, and many other CIT departments. Every year new students gets to know about the work that the Living Lab provides. It is important to acknowledge them about policies and the procedures in the lab while they use the computer systems. There are many new policies that needs to be created as the changes in the computer lab are constantly happening. It can be on the updates, workstations, unwanted software, room access by card swipe, or monitoring the traffic on the computer by checking the network. Having The Living Lab’s own administrator level users will provide much easier detail to the staff, teachers, TA’s and be helpful for the students too.

    Project Student: Dhaval Joshi



Installation of Security Cameras

Room 007 is a certified testing center and had only 2 cameras for coverage, aside from that the 007 and 005 rooms house important workstations and network devices for the campus, external clients, and the server room. There was a serious need to monitor all the activities of 007 and 005. The project was to install POE cameras at strategic locations to monitor all entry and exits of server room, 007 and 005 as well as monitor the testers on test days

007 and 005 were successfully installed, but the server room has not been covered yet, foundations have however been set such that, whoever undertakes the project in the future would have no issues whatsoever.


Project Student: Oluwatobi Omorodion 

Windows Server Update Services

The Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a role for Windows Server that provides a means to easy the bandwidth during updates. The server downloads the updates from Microsoft and stores them locally on the hard drive. After the download an administrator needs to login on each workstation and runs Windows Update. This is during normal operation. There was preliminary configuration for the server and the workstations in ET 007 to set up this arrangement. The first part was to provide a list of products and type of classification for those products. The configuration of the group policy setting on the master image of the workstation needs to look at an IP address for the server to check for updates. The WSUS project was tested and evaluated for accuracy and efficiency, with splendid results.


Project Student: Heath Simon

Living Lab Rebranding

Living Lab administrators requested an updated logo for use in representing the Living Lab. The administrators requested that the logo exemplify a transformation in students as well as an association with technology. The logo should include Purdue colors so as to match up with their media kit. The project began with a portal design and ultimately ended up with a doorway design with 2 students entering as students and leaving as young professionals equipped with the skills necessary to begin their careers in the IT field.

Project Student: Bryant Myroup


Worked with WordPress to create a website for a non-profit organization. The main purpose of this project was implementing a website that can draw more attention and donations to the organization. Another purpose was to let users edit the site without any assistance from IT professionals.


Project Student: Jin Zheng

Database Design

A local organization is having issues with their data. Their current data storage system is comprised of two databases and many spreadsheets, which are used by several people for a variety of purposes. They are finding that using and maintaining this data is difficult, as it has several entry points. Updates are needed in more than one location, duplicate records are being created, and they are finding errors in information. Important reports on the data can be inaccurate and are difficult to create.

The needs of this organization will be met by designing a new database. By centralizing their data into one database, there will only be one location for entering and manipulating the data. This will reduce data inaccuracies and unreliability, increase efficiency and data integrity, and simplify report creation. The information gathered for the database and its design will be used for implementation in future semesters.

Project Student:  Amanda Victery

Web Application with Oracle

A local research company is requesting to have a web application front end built for an oracle database that stores budgeting information for the finance department.  The finance department currently accomplishes this task using a series of convoluted excel spreadsheets, which are cumbersome.  In addition to storing data, the application must also help in calculating which accounts doctors shall be paid from which are associated to the clinical research they are performing.  This logic is crucial because there may be multiple sources of funding for one research study.  There are also maximum amounts of payments that may be made to a doctor or researcher depending on the amount of salary they receive in addition to any personal practice salary the individual will receive.  Lastly, as requested by the client, there is a requirement to import current data from existing spreadsheets into the database to reduce data entry man hours.  It is of utmost importance that the data be secure through the implementation of a user membership role and log in system.

As of today, several forms for creating, updating and reviewing records were properly linked to the site and the form to create a new member were modified to include multi-table records.  Most of the back end programming has been updated to include this information but it still needs additional records and validation.  In addition to this the site needs a multi-table grid view of existing records in a form that can update multiple fields  at once.


 Project Student:  Joe Cooney

Content Management/Youtube Plugin

This project is to try to meet the demand of University Department .The main idea of this project is to edit the website using a Content Management(CM) System called Expression Engine, later on transfer to a whole new CM which is called WCMS. Another main requirement of this project is to create a youtube plugin, which allow the department to display their youtube channel on their website.

Project Student: Jin Zheng

Wiring and Installation of Wireless Network

A local Not-For-Profit had a wireless network installed to provide wireless internet through their entire office building consisting of four floors, along with extending to three areas that aren’t part of the office complex. It is an old, historic building so the atmosphere and aesthetic were preserved while updating the wiring. The installation consisted of cat-5e Ethernet cables being run to several areas, and seven Ubiquiti UniFi Long-Range Access Points attached to three Netgear Five-port switches being installed to provide enough coverage to all the required areas in the building, after which the APs were configured with a password protected staff network and an open guest network.

Project Student: Stanko Andric