Build System Monitoring Solution

An educational entity requested a solution that is capable of auditing their workstations. Their primary goal is to monitor logins to ensure that workstations are not being accessed after open hours. The ideal solution would also generate and send emails as alerts.

Expanding on the original scope of the solution, LibreNMS was chosen for its capability to monitor events at a system level through syslogs as well as provide a centralized, web-accessible platform to analyze overall network traffic, addressing information, and system specifications. Batch scripts were written to automate the configuration of the workstations’ SNMP and syslogs. A combination of batch scripts and task scheduling were used to identify workstation logins at specific times.

Project Student:  Keith Cornell

Build WordPress Online Forms

A local non-profit organization website dedicated to finding foster homes and adoptive owners for dogs in the state of Indiana needs their adoption process updated. Currently the application process to adopt a dog is done via a pdf that has to be either scanned and emailed, or sent out by regular mail to the organization.

The goal of the project is to turn those pdf forms into actual online forms where the user can fill out and submit them on the same site, without having to physically send them or email them. The purpose is to create a better experience and facilitate the job of their personnel making it easier for them to track and file the applications.

WordPress is the content management system used for the site. To create the forms, a plugin called FormidablePro will be utilized, as it allows for the creation of easy forms that can integrate into a WordPress site with ease.

Project Student : Jorge Valdivieso

Compensation Calculator

This project is to design and implement a Compensation Calculator for a local government personnel website. The personnel department would like to add to their website a web application that will help a new or potential associate calculate the total amount of compensation to be received in their new position based off the current year’s benefit rates found on their website. The department currently uses an excel spreadsheet designed to use the posted salary amount, then gives an estimated total of compensation expected to be received as remuneration. A web application with a small database was designed and implemented, and still in the design stages.

Project Student: Bonani Ndabambi


Reflexion Application Project

Our client would like to develop a mobile application that the instructor can track their students. They would like the students to be able to: post their location, submit their assignments, use different media to submit their assignments (picture, video, voice), be able to send a notification to the instructor if they need assistance, and be able to clock their time on the assignment site. They would like the instructor to be able to: create assignments, deadlines, and quizzes; be able to track their students location, be able to assign grades through the application as it is also interfaces with a Learning Management System (such as Canvas), and be able to notify students via notifications as well.

Project Students: Darius Mpinga, Ronny Ovando, Amadou Traore

Budgeting Website Development

A local organization facilitates the translation of scientific discoveries in the lab into clinical trials and new patient treatments in Indiana and beyond.

The organization has numerous spreadsheets to assist in their budgeting and application of benefits for those involved in the trials, including the doctors, staff, etc.  Previous work done by the Living Lab has created a database (in Oracle) which contains tables and stored procedures, along with a basic website for viewing, editing, and creating data.  The focus of the continued development will be to continue working on the creation and editing of the data via a website, and making it so data can be imported (such as a Fringe Benefit schedule) at any time.

The website application has been updated so that quick entry of data can be entered without the user needing to click update constantly (using AJAX).  Also, the users can now import a file with the correct columns and update certain areas very quickly using an export from other various systems.  Along with these updates, some database structure changes were made to better fit the .NET Entity Framework and additional fields were added for auditing purposes.  Along with these fields, an auditing factory was integrated so that any inserts, updates, or deletions would be tracked.  The user interface was updated so the user does not have to “page” through data one web page at a time, and not get a list of hundreds of records at a time, a search function was integrated, along with other various improvements.  Finally, the application now uses IU CAS authentication to provide security of the website.  Overall, this was a fun, and at times frustrating, project to work on, and I feel confident leaving the project in the hands of the next programmer.  Utilizing the resources I have already worked into the main parts, and expanding on those to the other areas that are in need, along with the documentation I am providing, they should be able to get started quickly and efficiently move through the rest of the requirements for the client.

Project Student: Chad Beckner

University Department Website

A university department wants to add a news feature to its existing website. The news section is designed to be dynamic, flexible, and maintainable. It is composed of scrolling photos that will be linked to descriptive internal article pages, or to external pages. It will also have a scrolling video feed that will be linked to the department’s YouTube channel.

This news section will allow faculty members, students, and potential students to access news fields and events regarding the department. In addition, the department would like to update the website home page in order to be more descriptive and informative.

Project Student:  Sekou Dioubate


Worked with WordPress to create a website for a non-profit organization. The main purpose of this project was implementing a website that can draw more attention and donations to the organization. Another purpose was to let users edit the site without any assistance from IT professionals.


Project Student: Jin Zheng

EASEL Project Update

We have created a database that contains student class assignments, assignment submissions, teacher class assignments. The database can add and delete students, teachers, and assignments. We have also developed a web interface for the application as well. This gives the user a graphical interface to the database and also a unique login function. We have joined the two entities to create a base prototype so the client can present it to their stakeholders for full funding of the application.

The prototype is built with PHP and hosted in mySQL server at the moment. The client’s goal is to have this application deployed to mobile devices. The interface also uses JavaScript and CSS to deliver a clear and smoother Graphic User Interface.

Students: Darius Mpinga, Ronny Ovando, Amadou Traore

Form and Report creation using WordPress

A local not-for-profit company providing rescue for canines is needing to modify their web application submission process for adopting, volunteering, and fostering. Previously, the client had been using PDF forms that required several steps to complete and submit the forms. It has been identified that the use of online forms will help shorten the process and will allow the client to track the application process through the use of reports.

Currently, the online forms have been created using a third party plugin for WordPress called Formidable Pro. This plugin allows simple form creation and reports. With the use of the reports, the client can obtain two different views. The first view is an overview of the particular form that was submitted which includes several columns. Within this view, there is the capability to search the forms based on certain parameters. The second view is a detailed view of the form the user submitted. The client will then be able to change the status of the form to either new, pending, approved, declined, or inactive and add additional notes. Additionally, an email notification will be sent to the client when a form is submitted.

Project Student: Jonathan Hendrix

Content Management/Youtube Plugin

This project is to try to meet the demand of University Department .The main idea of this project is to edit the website using a Content Management(CM) System called Expression Engine, later on transfer to a whole new CM which is called WCMS. Another main requirement of this project is to create a youtube plugin, which allow the department to display their youtube channel on their website.

Project Student: Jin Zheng