The goal of this project is to set up an intrusion detection system that monitors network ports and reports any alerts to a database. The second part of this project is to have an external sensor reporting to the main sensors database.

Project Student: Alejandro Gonzalez

Linux Scripts

An university department is in charge of managing the accounts on the servers that students use to test and store projects. The main purpose of this project is to add and delete accounts based on an expiration date. In order to accomplish that, Linux scripts were used to create new accounts, including rules to properly set the passwords for the new accounts, and were used to delete expired accounts.

Project Student: Christopher Pipes

Not-For-Profit Education

This project involved working with a not-for-profit designed to show school-aged students the importance of computer skills, measurements, critical thinking, team work, project based learning, engineering, and several other key concepts.  The objective of this project was to teach sixth and seventh graders the basics of a computer. In order to meet this objective a lab was created that allowed students to have hands on experience with computers. The proper Indiana Content Standards were followed in creation of this activity. This lab was designed to show the students the inside of a computer, allowed them to take apart the computer, and then re-assemble it.

Project Student:  Christopher Pipes

Website Redesign

The goal of this project is to redesign a website by updating it to use CSS and taking a business approach to the layout of the design. The second part of this project was to create a database that could store the information that is submitted through the website.

Project Student:  Christopher Pipes