DNET Server

This project consisted of tackling the role of the administrator over the DNET Server for the University Department. The DNET server is used by the students within this department as a means to test their development of websites and databases. During this project, the DNET server was replaced. Software that was needed for courses was installed and configured on a new DNET. Settings were duplicated and files were transferred from the old DNET server to make the transition to the new DNET server a smooth process. Other tasks that were completed for this project include organizing the databases into more predictable folders and duplicated the necessary user accounts and groups.

Project Student: Ty Bell


Risk Assessment

An Indiana company conducts genetic research on plants. The IT manager of the company contacted us for assistance in looking into the security of their network. They already had another company that was performing monthly checks on their network. Research was done to find how that company gained access to the network to ensure safe practices. Risk assessment and vulnerability software was researched and used to perform scans of the company’s network. After the scans were completed and enough information was gathered, a report was created with a list of risks, vulnerabilities, and recommendations. In closing this project, the report was presented to the IT manager of the company.

Student Team Members: Lindsay Friddle, Kevin Wikman

Database Implementation

This project had the initial goal of streamlining the a compnay’s payroll system and updating to a new version of QuickBooks. After a meeting with the client, interviewing employees, and gathering information about their current system, the project took another direction. It was viewed that the needs of this client were much greater than just streamlining their payroll system and a new database design would be more beneficial to this corporation’s productivity. To finish out this project, a database was designed and passed along to an university database class to be built.

Student Member: Kevin Wikman

Linux-Based Cluster

The idea of this project was to research, develop, and build a small Linux-based cluster for the purpose of installing VMware Server on an Ubuntu Linux Server build. The virtual environment would then be able to provide an environment for experimental operating system builds. It would also be used by students to study the actual concepts of clustered computing and virtualization.

Project Student: Kevin Wikman

Account Creation Policy

Every semester the university department engineers are responsible for creating user accounts on different machines to fulfill course requirements. The goal of this project was to create a policy to give the engineers guidelines on the accounts that are being created. These guidelines include but are not limited to how long the accounts should exist and how long the engineers have to create the accounts. Research was done on policy templates, language, and semantics. At the closing of this project, a policy was written and is waiting for approval.

Project Student: Kevin Wikman


The goal of this project was to have a network monitoring system that monitors the availability of each server in the university department. Nagios was the software that was used to fulfill the needs of this project. The team installed Nagios onto a server and then logged the servers that needed to be monitored. After the servers were successfully added, the team organized them into three different host groups. At the end of this project, Nagios successfully sent notifications to the appropriate personnel when a server met the notification rules.

Student Team Members: Lindsay Friddle, Kevin Wikman

University Department Server Room

The department was moved from the one building on campus to another building on campus. To decrease the amount of downtime for the department, the servers were brought to the new location and quickly set up. Organization was not the first priority during the initial move, but it is for this project. In order to reorganize, a power-down procedure, a re-org procedure, and a power-up procedure was created to allow maximum flexibility while still giving a minimum amount of downtime. The plan was implemented and servers were back up and live within an hour of the estimated time.

Project Student: Kevin Wikman

University Department’s Inventory System

The goal of this project was to develop an inventory system for the university department that could provide a record of the items owned by the department.  The information that needed to be recorded about each item included specifications, serial number, purchase date, funding source, and value of the items. Inventory policies were researched until one was agreed upon.  The selected policy was modified to fit the department’s needs.  A general layout of the policy and practices was created for the department.  A barcode scanner was researched and then purchased.  To complete this project, the items were labeled and Lending Center software was used.

Project Student: Ty Bell

Tech Camp Adobe CS3 Build

A university department hosts a Tech Camp that offers informational instructional class for high school teachers around the state.  The software that was needed for this specific Tech Camp session was Adobe CS3.  The goal of this project was to successfully create a build that contained Microsoft Windows Vista with the capability of running several new Adobe CS3 products. An image was created with the requested software and pushed to the appropriate workstations. After the push, the workstations were tested to ensure the software was working properly.

Project Student: Ty Bell