SNORT – Intrusion Detection System

The SNORT project is a continuation of building up a network security monitoring server to monitor the networks of classrooms located in a basement. There will be 2 phases that need to be accomplished.  The software that would be using to monitor the network would be “SNORT” , an Intrusion Detection Software.

Phase 1: Snort will need to catch the flow of the in and out traffic on one of the VLANs. Snort has already been built, but may need updates to continue on to the next phase. Security Onion was used initially for the Linux system, but new equipment should allow for SNORT to run on a direct Linux system. Possible start over for the build.

Phase 2: Snort will need to connect to an additional VLAN. Additionally have to make sure there is minimum – 0 redundancy and a way to have separate log files for the VLANs. No further information on this phase until checks on the first phase are complete.

Paused work on the snort project. Will need further research before continuing.

Project Team Members: Raffielle Miller, Shawnie Springfield