University Department Website

A university department wants to add a news feature to its existing website. The news section is designed to be dynamic, flexible, and maintainable. It is composed of scrolling photos that will be linked to descriptive internal article pages, or to external pages. It will also have a scrolling video feed that will be linked to the department’s YouTube channel.

This news section will allow faculty members, students, and potential students to access news fields and events regarding the department. In addition, the department would like to update the website home page in order to be more descriptive and informative.

Project Student:  Sekou Dioubate


Worked with WordPress to create a website for a non-profit organization. The main purpose of this project was implementing a website that can draw more attention and donations to the organization. Another purpose was to let users edit the site without any assistance from IT professionals.


Project Student: Jin Zheng

EASEL Project Update

We have created a database that contains student class assignments, assignment submissions, teacher class assignments. The database can add and delete students, teachers, and assignments. We have also developed a web interface for the application as well. This gives the user a graphical interface to the database and also a unique login function. We have joined the two entities to create a base prototype so the client can present it to their stakeholders for full funding of the application.

The prototype is built with PHP and hosted in mySQL server at the moment. The client’s goal is to have this application deployed to mobile devices. The interface also uses JavaScript and CSS to deliver a clear and smoother Graphic User Interface.

Students: Darius Mpinga, Ronny Ovando, Amadou Traore

Form and Report creation using WordPress

A local not-for-profit company providing rescue for canines is needing to modify their web application submission process for adopting, volunteering, and fostering. Previously, the client had been using PDF forms that required several steps to complete and submit the forms. It has been identified that the use of online forms will help shorten the process and will allow the client to track the application process through the use of reports.

Currently, the online forms have been created using a third party plugin for WordPress called Formidable Pro. This plugin allows simple form creation and reports. With the use of the reports, the client can obtain two different views. The first view is an overview of the particular form that was submitted which includes several columns. Within this view, there is the capability to search the forms based on certain parameters. The second view is a detailed view of the form the user submitted. The client will then be able to change the status of the form to either new, pending, approved, declined, or inactive and add additional notes. Additionally, an email notification will be sent to the client when a form is submitted.

Project Student: Jonathan Hendrix

Content Management/Youtube Plugin

This project is to try to meet the demand of University Department .The main idea of this project is to edit the website using a Content Management(CM) System called Expression Engine, later on transfer to a whole new CM which is called WCMS. Another main requirement of this project is to create a youtube plugin, which allow the department to display their youtube channel on their website.

Project Student: Jin Zheng

Interactive 3D Floor Planner

The goal for this project was to continue work on a local organization’s floor planner plugin. This plugin lets people plan upcoming events by dragging and dropping objects such as chairs and tables onto floor plans that represent the organization’s facility rentals. The floor plans have been recreated in 3D to resemble the actual facilities. Containment areas have been created within the plugin so that objects cannot be placed in unwanted areas such as structural features and outside of the facilities.

 Project Student: Natasha Blackwell

Form and Site Development using WordPress and FormidablePro

This is a web development project for a not-for-profit volunteer company that provides rescue and community education for canines. The project scope details creating website forms for several documents that are currently available as a PDF and, creating search forms for reviewing the previously stored information. The project client would also like system-generated notifications whenever a form is submitted on the site. The project uses two development tools for the creation of the forms, Word Press and the associated plug-in FormidablePro.

At the present, all three of the PDF forms have been created in FormidablePro and are set in their respective pages. The forms have all been set with appropriate field types for the required input and field options such as conditional logic that help to reduce length and improve flow.

Additional work for the project would include setting up required field options for all fields the client wants as mandatory. Once this is completed and any other changes the client would like made are applied then next step should be setting up system-generated notifications for submissions. Lastly, forms for reviewing the previously stored information may need to be created according to client specifications.

Project Student: Joseph Cooney

Website for Helping State Employers

A government department wants a website, that will involve multiple pages, and can grow as needed. All page designs and requirements are being provided by the client including images and text. There is a need for web based forms that can be submitted for processing by the client. The website may be added as part of the larger already existing website. There are strict requirements for the use of the provided images and site colors. The site is being built as a PHP website with some JavaScript, and some JQuery. Some of the features to be added to the site include tabs that display information when they are hovered over, a form that gets submitted to an email provided in the form, and sections of text that can be shown or hidden at the press of a button. The site consists of 17 web pages to be created, and several other pages that are downloaded files.

Project Student: Jeremy Shearin

Status Report Form

This project is for the Living Lab. The goal is to create a form and views for student status reports.  When this is completed students will be able to complete and edit status reports on the living lab website instead of submitting though Oncourse.  This will make it easier for the professors to grade and easier for the students to submit and edit.  The new page and form will need to be timestamped for every entry and edit.  It will need to have hidden fields for professor searching purposes.  The last part is to create a system so that status reports can be searched by students and edited when needed.  Certain fields will have to be required and other fields will have to be blocked so that students can’t change a post after it has been graded.

Project Student:  Justin Stephenson

IT Academy Website Renovation

The goal of this project was to update the content and layout of the IT Academy’s website. The goals were to update the home page layout, improve the overall site layout, and upgrade the current event manager to handle online credit card transactions.

The home page update has been successfully moved live, but the overall layout improvement has been deferred until the future content that was included is up to par. Additionally, the event manager upgrade has also been deferred, due to unforeseen issues getting authorization for e-commerce from the University.

Project Student: Joad Fattah