Scientific Institute

A scientific research organization, in collaboration with various universities and other partnerships, wants to aid in translating research and scientific discoveries into practice and clinical trials. This project was previously created in spring by another student. Their mission is to increase translational biomedical research and to improve the health of people, and also gather information from the client, understand their needs and wants, organize their data, and design a database that integrates the data from all entry points and for all uses. We had to design and implement their database so the be able to access their data as the wanted.

Member: Amadou Traore

SalaryCalc Application

This application is intended to calculate an employee’s salary based on their job codes or title. The user is to select their title or job code, and the application will prompt with more options that the application will use to make the necessary calculations for the associates’ salary.

Project Student: Bonani Ndabambi

Ticket System

The client requested a database for the purpose of tracking service tickets and their status. The database is designed to store data on projects and provide easy viewing for their current status. Through trial and error, I discovered that the uniteAll command would not permit the user to edit any entries in the queries, so a solution needed to be constructed. Two separate views were constructed in order to meet these requirements.

Project Student: Khurram Khan

EASEL Project Update

We have created a database that contains student class assignments, assignment submissions, teacher class assignments. The database can add and delete students, teachers, and assignments. We have also developed a web interface for the application as well. This gives the user a graphical interface to the database and also a unique login function. We have joined the two entities to create a base prototype so the client can present it to their stakeholders for full funding of the application.

The prototype is built with PHP and hosted in mySQL server at the moment. The client’s goal is to have this application deployed to mobile devices. The interface also uses JavaScript and CSS to deliver a clear and smoother Graphic User Interface.

Students: Darius Mpinga, Ronny Ovando, Amadou Traore

Error and Event Log Tracking and Analytics

A prominent business in the Indianapolis area has asked the Living Lab to assist them in creating dashboards in order to view information about their error and event logs in real time. This data will be used to perform analysis on the data and determine ways to optimize their up-time. Using Splunk, a data mining tool designed to analyze and store machine data, the Living Lab will create dashboards, which provide a real-time view of the necessary information, to track and monitor the logs and potential hazardous events. If this project is successful, the company will then install Splunk on a company server, and implement the changes in order to increase productivity for their Business Intelligence Team.

The project has been a success. The dashboards created have shown the client the need to activate additional auditing tables in their database so that they can start to obtain even more information. The use of Splunk as a reporting tool and for viewing semi-real time performance is now being discussed as an organization-wide tool for systems monitoring and is in further development for three additional systems.

Project Student: Thomas Scheel

Database Design

A local organization is having issues with their data. Their current data storage system is comprised of two databases and many spreadsheets, which are used by several people for a variety of purposes. They are finding that using and maintaining this data is difficult, as it has several entry points. Updates are needed in more than one location, duplicate records are being created, and they are finding errors in information. Important reports on the data can be inaccurate and are difficult to create.

The needs of this organization will be met by designing a new database. By centralizing their data into one database, there will only be one location for entering and manipulating the data. This will reduce data inaccuracies and unreliability, increase efficiency and data integrity, and simplify report creation. The information gathered for the database and its design will be used for implementation in future semesters.

Project Student:  Amanda Victery

Web Application with Oracle

A local research company is requesting to have a web application front end built for an oracle database that stores budgeting information for the finance department.  The finance department currently accomplishes this task using a series of convoluted excel spreadsheets, which are cumbersome.  In addition to storing data, the application must also help in calculating which accounts doctors shall be paid from which are associated to the clinical research they are performing.  This logic is crucial because there may be multiple sources of funding for one research study.  There are also maximum amounts of payments that may be made to a doctor or researcher depending on the amount of salary they receive in addition to any personal practice salary the individual will receive.  Lastly, as requested by the client, there is a requirement to import current data from existing spreadsheets into the database to reduce data entry man hours.  It is of utmost importance that the data be secure through the implementation of a user membership role and log in system.

As of today, several forms for creating, updating and reviewing records were properly linked to the site and the form to create a new member were modified to include multi-table records.  Most of the back end programming has been updated to include this information but it still needs additional records and validation.  In addition to this the site needs a multi-table grid view of existing records in a form that can update multiple fields  at once.


 Project Student:  Joe Cooney

Database Design and Implementation using SQL Server

The project goal is to create a database able to help with all daily and seasonal functions for an agricultural company. The client is currently using excel sheets to track the data for both. They input data within these sheets often. The database will be used to help generate reports and views to allow the users to see and find the information needed. Interface using Microsoft Studio will allow for easier way to access the database and allow for log in feature requests by the client. This will also allow users to input data into sheets their roles have access to altering.

Currently, the database contains multiple tables with associating stored procedures and triggers. The stored procedures will handle the inserting, updating and deleting the record of the table. One of the triggers is designed to modify the Last Modified Date field of the table. The second trigger will insert a row into an Audit table to keep track of changes made to the associated table.

Further work needed for the project would consist of developing a visual interface as described above and implementing a procedure or package for inserting records into tables involving an intersection table in the correct order to avoid any problems with data integrity.

Student Team Members:  Chung Nguyen, Ryan Weber

Installation of Oracle Database

A University course currently has work that requires an Oracle database in order to complete coursework. This team created the Oracle database so that members of the University course could utilize it to complete their work.

The requirements for this database included an installation of Oracle database, the creation of a child database, and addition of users with access to modify the child database. This installation required research prior to installing in order to understand the installation process. The actual installation of Oracle was done remotely. After Oracle was installed and setup, testing was done to ensure that everything was setup appropriately.

Project Team Members: Josh Bewley, Alexander Susenbach

Database Implementation

Implementation of an Oracle database to fill the needs of the client to be able to predict budgets and make reports. The goal of the project is to implement an Oracle database from data of Microsoft Excel and to create a web user interface that can interact with remote Oracle database. The user interface is so clients may input their data into database and recall historical financial data. The user interface also allows client to be able to insert, edit, and delete data if needed in a way that lightens the data administrator’s daily duties. The interface will also have a search data function to find past data and be able to print reports. The project created a need for the back-end programming(Oracle database) to be able to communicate with the front-end design(ASP.Net).

Project Team Members: Ki Choi, Mora Francisco, Xiang Li.