New Computer Image

The purpose of this project was to create a computer image for a University Department.  The initial process was quite simple; install an Operating System followed by various programs, suites, as well as updates to them.

After the installation, the next step was to create a back up of the image, and then begin the testing process to ensure that the image creation was successful.  After testing was completed the final step would be to administer the image to the rest of the computers for the University Department.

Project Student: David Bryant

Wipe Hard Drives

This simple project consisted of erasing the sensitive data on old hard drives. This is important because it keeps unused information about employees, students, and staff out of the hands of malicious users.

Project student: Seth Woodrupp

Status Report Form

This project is for the Living Lab. The goal is to create a form and views for student status reports.  When this is completed students will be able to complete and edit status reports on the living lab website instead of submitting though Oncourse.  This will make it easier for the professors to grade and easier for the students to submit and edit.  The new page and form will need to be timestamped for every entry and edit.  It will need to have hidden fields for professor searching purposes.  The last part is to create a system so that status reports can be searched by students and edited when needed.  Certain fields will have to be required and other fields will have to be blocked so that students can’t change a post after it has been graded.

Project Student:  Justin Stephenson

IT Academy Website Renovation

The goal of this project was to update the content and layout of the IT Academy’s website. The goals were to update the home page layout, improve the overall site layout, and upgrade the current event manager to handle online credit card transactions.

The home page update has been successfully moved live, but the overall layout improvement has been deferred until the future content that was included is up to par. Additionally, the event manager upgrade has also been deferred, due to unforeseen issues getting authorization for e-commerce from the University.

Project Student: Joad Fattah

Excel to full-fledged database

A collegiate organization is currently using a data system that cannot feasibly handle the amount of data that they have stored, with additional information being stored each day, and have requested a full fledged database to handle their needs.

Project Student: Anthony Cowart

Build Outdoors Wireless Network

We were asked to install a new wireless network that could also support VoIP for a local not-for-profit organization. The network would be approximately 83700 square feet and divided into three virtual LANs. It will be created using Unifi outdoor wireless access points and Netgear ProSafe Plus 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switches along with the already existing firewall and router.

Student Team Members:  Andy Strakis, Brandon Klutzke

Provision a Virtual Server

The purpose of this project is to build and maintain a functional server to understand how they work, what they are used for, and to get even more familiarized with HyperV and nesting.  The various tasks needed to execute this project include using remote desktop features, adding and managing hard drive memory, and updating the server once it has been successfully created and the appropriate settings have been selected.

Project Student: Seth Woodrupp

Long Range Wireless Access

A rural Indiana school district requested wireless network access be available to students over a mile radius of the school facility.  Due to poor cellular coverage and lack of land line internet access in the area, the school corporation also wants to give back to the community by utilizing its equipment to offer a separate wireless access point(s) for the public.

Project Student:  Jodie Newman

Website Development

The goal of this project is to add in a specialized front-end user directory and calendar while keeping future project phases in mind for compatibility. This involves researching and testing different packages to be sure that they all work together.

Project Student:  Anthony Cowart