University Department Website

A university department wants to add a news feature to its existing website. The news section is designed to be dynamic, flexible, and maintainable. It is composed of scrolling photos that will be linked to descriptive internal article pages, or to external pages. It will also have a scrolling video feed that will be linked to the department’s YouTube channel.

This news section will allow faculty members, students, and potential students to access news fields and events regarding the department. In addition, the department would like to update the website home page in order to be more descriptive and informative.

Project Student:  Sekou Dioubate

Openfiler NAS System

The purpose of the Openfiler project was to replace the old existing NAS hardware in the server room with some updated storage spaces. Three desktop PCs were re-purposed with four 160 GB hard-drives each. Openfiler software was installed on all of them and RAID 5 was configure on the hard-drives using the Openfiler web client. The machines were then configured with static IP addresses and placed in the server room.

Project Students: Blake Kindred, Craig Mishler


The purpose of CITCON project was to create an environment that students can come into and test their security knowledge against our systems. Our challenges include WEP Cracking, Cryptanalysis, Remote Exploitation Attacks, and Web-App Hacking. This allows students to go through process of discovery, information gathering, risk assessment, exploitation, and exfiltration. Students will get a flag for challenges they complete.

CITCON project can be expanded to include more challenges that are more suitable for high school students or graduate level students. Current implementation supports college students with some background in security.

Project Students: Blake Kindred, Craig Mishler, Nicholas Luedeman, Rushabh Vyas

Build Identity Finder Server

An on-campus IT group wants to manage and protect its sensitive data using the Identity Finder Software on a dedicated Server. The Software will be deployed to the clients through a Group Policy which installs the software. Once the software is installed, the clients will be managed through a central console server. This server is both an Application and Web server.

To date, the Identity Finder console has not been fully configured yet.

Student Team Members: Juliette Azondekon, Michael McGinness

Server Upgrade

We have been assigned to a not for profit company that is a continuation of last semester. Previously we have installed a wireless network for the client, and this semester our new task is to upgrade their current 2003 server to two 2008 servers. We are also the first line of IT help for the company.

Students: Andre Harris and Shawn Northam

Website for Helping State Employers

A government department wants a website, that will involve multiple pages, and can grow as needed. All page designs and requirements are being provided by the client including images and text. There is a need for web based forms that can be submitted for processing by the client. The website may be added as part of the larger already existing website. There are strict requirements for the use of the provided images and site colors. The site is being built as a PHP website with some JavaScript, and some JQuery. Some of the features to be added to the site include tabs that display information when they are hovered over, a form that gets submitted to an email provided in the form, and sections of text that can be shown or hidden at the press of a button. The site consists of 17 web pages to be created, and several other pages that are downloaded files.

Project Student: Jeremy Shearin

Installation of Oracle Database

A University course currently has work that requires an Oracle database in order to complete coursework. This team created the Oracle database so that members of the University course could utilize it to complete their work.

The requirements for this database included an installation of Oracle database, the creation of a child database, and addition of users with access to modify the child database. This installation required research prior to installing in order to understand the installation process. The actual installation of Oracle was done remotely. After Oracle was installed and setup, testing was done to ensure that everything was setup appropriately.

Project Team Members: Josh Bewley, Alexander Susenbach

Installation of Wireless Networking Capabilities

A local church would like to upgrade their existing network to provide wireless connectivity. The building is very old and is comprised of brick and limestone. The client is also interested in preserving its historical imagery. The Wi-Fi shall be installed using Ubiquiti UniFi Long Range AP’s to provide connectivity to the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors of the building as well as provide connectivity to the Chapel and meeting hall on the first floor and a two and a half story Sanctuary.

Student Team Members:  Josh Bewley and Alexander Susenbach

Database Implementation

Implementation of an Oracle database to fill the needs of the client to be able to predict budgets and make reports. The goal of the project is to implement an Oracle database from data of Microsoft Excel and to create a web user interface that can interact with remote Oracle database. The user interface is so clients may input their data into database and recall historical financial data. The user interface also allows client to be able to insert, edit, and delete data if needed in a way that lightens the data administrator’s daily duties. The interface will also have a search data function to find past data and be able to print reports. The project created a need for the back-end programming(Oracle database) to be able to communicate with the front-end design(ASP.Net).

Project Team Members: Ki Choi, Mora Francisco, Xiang Li.

ET005 Infrastructure

ET005 had several patch panels and a lot of unused cable which was not appealing and creating clutter in the lab.

For the project, the group removed all the old cabling, then planned and ran new cable according the the client’s request, which allowed for expand-ability by providing Ethernet ports for laptops,  keeping the lab clutter-free and setting up new access points in the middle section of ET005.

Update:  All wiring in ET005 is done, patched, and organized.

Project Team Members: Jabor Al-Mannai, Destiny Smith, Matthew Phillips.