University Department Website

The goal of this project was to “manage redistribution, public auctions, and recycling of retired university property.”  Also, the surplus website displays sales, intake, reports, accounts, items, and categories.  To do all of this the student created a program using ASP.NET and C#.  Within this program there is a Sales class, an Accounts class, a FormUtility class, and a DataAccess class.  The student was also responsible for creating various tasks such as: module popups, autocomplete fields, list sorts, database modifications, and validation.

Project Student: Vicky Smith

Imaging Machine and Ghost Server Machine

This student project was a continuation from the previous semester, in which the student updated all of the Microsoft Products, any Adobe products, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Wireshark, and Alice. The student then used a Ghost Server Machine to capture the images every two weeks.

Project Student: Sutinderjit Singh

Business Client ShareFile

Sharefile is a cloud based storage service that is owned by Citrix.  To test this software the students shared information on mobile devices and limited the user access to specific files.  The students also provided access for outside users that were not on the Indiana Company’s network.  After monitoring the activity on mobile devices the students then tested the mobility of the information between different networks and domains.  Overall the students discovered that there were two low risk threats and one high risk threat.  To combat the risks the students made a recommendation to proper train the Indiana Company’s employees on how to use the software, as well as move the server to the Demilitarized Zone.

Student Team Members: Yan Grishin, Kyle Griffin

Novus Sport

Novus Sport is a Ruby on Rails Web Application which operates in a server environment.  With Novus Sport the student used various Ruby Gems such as Authlogic, CanCan, PaperClip which allowed them to develop a web application in which users can upload grant proposals to have them reviewed and recommended.

Project Student: Josh Apgar

University Department Website

For this project the student created a website using WordPress Content Management software, setting up a site map for the university department, created specialized post categories to manage individual project posts.  Projects posts can categorized and therefore be looked up by Current, Past or Upcoming or by the type of project:  Database, Networking, Security and Web Development.  The student researched and implemented color scheme and font styles based on usability research.

Project Student: Josh Apgar

Oracle 11G Enterprise Edition

For this project, the students installed an Oracle Database on an university department local host server.  This database was used in a course for database management students allowing instructors the ability to manipulate the exiting schema as well as create their own objects.  Through this project the students also learned about the different environments that a database can be operated in, such as a Unix, Linux, and a Windows environment.  Before  installing the Oracle Database students researched pre-installation requirements such as using the “root” account to modify the kernel settings.  The students also learned how to perform a server installation on the local host computer.

Student Team Members: Ibrahim Doude, Kosta Hontos


An intrusion detection system is a device or software that monitors network traffic for malicious activities or policy violations.  If there is malicious activity detected an output report is sent to a management station.  For this particular project students researched and tested SNORT. SNORT is a free and open source network intrusion prevention system, which is developed and owned by Sourcefire.

Student Team Members: Bhaumik Pandya, Mohammad Shariq Iftikhar

Syslog/Event Log Server

With this project the student was responsible for configuring audit policies on the host machines.  To do this the student had to turn on Success and Failure auditing for the Audit Logon Events policy, as well as configure the Special Logon/Logoff and Other Logon/Logoff policies.  The student was also required to configure the firewall on the host machines to open ports for the Manage Engine Event Log Analyzer, as well as enabling the remote administration services in order for server to authenticate with the hosts.  Once the student configured the firewall, they were then able to add a total of 5 hosts:, Control, Oracle, Cplayer, and Wasp.  After adding the hosts machines, the student then configured alerts which allowed the administrative log on events to be monitored, and the email settings to be configured.

Student Team Members: Anh Pham, Jerry Hicks

Lync PC Project

The goals for this project were to build a new desktop, install Microsoft Lync, configure the computer speakers to automatically turn on and off on specific days throughout the week, and to configure the desktop to automatically log on and lock right afterwards.  Specifications that were required:  Windows 7 Professional Edition, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz processor, and Microsoft Lync installed.  After setting up the desktop the next task was to configure the speakers.  To do so the student on this project used NirCmd, a small command-line utility which allows the user to run simple operating activities without displaying the user-interface details.  The student then configured the triggers, actions, conditions, and settings for the speaker.  Next the student used a lock workstation visual basics script through Windows Task Scheduler to configure the auto-lock property.

Project Student: Anh Pham

Dual OS Deployment

A university department is an approved testing facility for a regional testing group.  For this particular project the students purchased new hard drives and partitioned them into two separate partitions.  The students then created an image of Windows 7, Office 2010, Visual Studio 2010, and accounting software.  A second image contained a network image for 3 machines: a file serve, a domain controller, and a client machine. After these images were created, the students were then responsible for pushing them out.

Student Team Members: Aaron Hook, Eugene Gephart, Kosta Hontos