Oracle Database.

This project involve implementing an oracle database server for students who are taking database security classes to allow them practice and implement what they are learning. This project requires me to go through the installation of Oracle database and configure it to accept connection through SQL developer.

WordPress 101

A University department has asked that a guide for the use of WordPress, an open source website development software, be created for students to use and follow so they may get the basics of WordPress to add to their knowledge of web design. This guide will have an accompany interactive website that the student will be able to view and play with to help further their understanding. The guide will cover such things as:

  • Plug-ins
  • User Roles
  • Pages vs Posts
  • Themes
  • Moving from Development to Live

The university department hopes to be able to hand this guide out to someone who has not used WordPress before and allow them to come back with a finished site that will be of both high quality and functionality.

Project Student:  John F. Wiegand

Indiana Company Exit Survey

Instructors and students are working on an employee exit survey for when an employee leaves a company so the company may improve its working conditions and find areas that cause employee dissatisfaction.  Part of this project is to build a query-able database with a simple user interface so company executives and managers will be able to view data from the survey based off certain criteria.

Project Student:  John F. Wiegand

Macbook Air Recovery

The goal of this project was to determine why a Macbook Air machine would not boot, and if possible, recover data on it.  As the Macbook Air does not have an optical drive or a firewire connection, efforts to boot to a live CD to determine hardware health failed.  As an alternative to getting to the data, I removed the hard drive but discovered I would need a special ZIF connection cable to get data off of the drive.  After finally receiving the proper connection, the hard drive would not respond, so the efforts to recover data have come up short.


Project Student: Joseph Balazs

Mobile Application Tutoring

A student at a local high school needed assistance in developing an App for a school project due in the next semester.  As this would be a multi-semester project, it was determined that getting the student a thorough grounding in basic programming skills and object-oriented design processes.  To meet that goal, the student was taught a background in Unified Modeling Language (UML), Java, object-oriented programming, the Android Development Tools, and the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.  The end goal for this semester was to get the student comfortable enough in these foundational skills so that they would be able to develop the framework for their App.

Project Student:  Michael Draper

Social Engineering

An university department needed to sanitize its public facing information and remove any connections between projects and the clients those projects were for.  As a precaution, clients were referred to in very general terms and assigned an identifier unique to that client.  Client names and identifiers are recorded in a separate Excel document for use my administrative and research staff.

This project dealt with the students’ communication, organization, and critical thinking skills.  Social Engineering hacks can bypass most security, so being able to determine what public information could lead to acquiring protected client information required discussion and developing a clear policy for editing client information.

Student Team Members:  Michael Draper, Alan Thomas, John Wiegand

Wireless Network Design & Implementation

The work to be completed for this project is the implementation and configuration of a wireless network to provide network connectivity, at a minimum, for six buildings. With the implementation of the wireless network, the not-for-profit is hoping to better secure their server and computers for the camp from those that would be connected to the wireless network.

The project requires examining the current infrastructure, designing a solution to meet their needs, writing a proposal for the implementation, and configuring the deployment for production. The design had to allow for expansion of the network and ability to scale to whatever their needs were at any given time.


Digital TV Display

The Digital TV display is used for showing current events, news, weather, and lunch menus for the school.  The project was to design and implement a new display for the third floor for a specific school building.  The display was showing a power point that was created and the school wanted the display to show the power point as well as the weather, the news, and the lunch menu for the new student cafeteria. After implementing the new design, which features a updated power point presentation, the news for the school and a CNN feed, current weather conditions, and a cafeteria menu, the school is happy with the new display.

Student Team Members:  Paul Bailey, Alan Thomas

Polycom Video Conferencing System

Polycom Video Conferencing Systems give the client the ability to communicated easily with people all over the world with a state of the art telepresence system.  The project was to install a Polycom HDX 8000 Series Videoconferencing system in a classroom.  It uses 3 drop microphones and two eagle eye cameras mounted to an eagle eye director, with two 80in LED TVs that are used for monitors.  This system will be used for connecting students and teachers at different locations as well as multiple classrooms at once for a unique and cool learning system.

Project Student:  Paul Bailey


SNORT is an Intrusion Detection System that sits on a network and watches all the network traffic. It looks for any suspicious activity that may be the result of hacking, viruses or malware activity, or any potentially dangerous virus code going across the network. SNORT can be configured into 3 modes: sniffing, packet logging, or intrusion detection.  The mode our project is designed for is intrusion detection.  The Ubuntu distribution of Linux was used for this project because it is widely supported and the current documentation available is up-to-date. Our project is intended to be used to monitor the workstations in two labs. As of this writing, we have successfully installed Snort, Pulled Pork for rule updating, and BASE to serve as a graphical interface for reporting.

 Student Team Members:  Cliff Blizzard, Nelson Soriano