Project Management

The goal of this student project was to identify how an university department can accommodate web development projects.  The student was responsible for creating a prototype of managing multiple web development projects in a lab environment.  Through this project the student was also able to identify hosting for a development environment (IIS and Apache).

Project Student: Shelly Clark

iPad vs Laptop Analysis

For this project the student was responsible for conducting a research project on the iPads vs Laptops.  The student analyzed to pros and cons of each and conducted discussions based on his results.  The pros and cons of the two devices were tested based on hands on use of productivity apps internet research.

Project Student: Ryan Baer


Nagios is a monitoring system that allows you to resolve issues in an IT infrastructure before the problems affect the main business processes.  This monitoring system offers alerts for servers, applications, services, and switches.  Overall this project taught the student how to install and configure Nagios in a Linux environment.  In the end the student felt more comfortable with running Linux based commands and handling servers.

Project Student: Ruddy Ovando

University Department Website

This semester the students were responsible for creating a ASP.NET version of an updated university department web site.  This new version of the site features user login, student project input, outside project submission, and administrator reports.  The students also learned how to develop the site using PHP and various jQuery animation functionalities.

Student Team Members: Rick Kriel, Wayne Bender


Network Policy Server (NPS) can be used as a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server to perform authentication, authorization, and accounting for RADIUS clients. A RADIUS client can be an access server, such as a dial-up server or wireless access point, or a RADIUS proxy.  For this student project the student learned how to setup and configure a RADIUS server by using a Windows Server 2008 Network.

Project Student: Patrick Owens

Not-For-Profit Website

The objectives for this project was to redesign a not-for-profit’s current website with an updated look and content.  The student found that the current site did not have a uniform look or feel, many of the pagers were disjointed with poor organization, and there were broken links and color disparity.  The student also wanted to make the site easier for site administrators to update and modify the site content.  To accomplish this the student implemented WordPress, which is a Content Management System.  WordPress also has various plugins such as jQuery and YouTube which the student chose to incorporate within the final product for the not-for-profit.

Project Student: Matthew Johnston

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) provides imaging speed, flexibility, automated OS deployment, and User migration.  Overall through this project the student learned about the many benefits of GSS such as: single centralized management, creating base images from a live system, accelerated deployments, and being able to maintain reliable backups.

Student Team Members: Katisha Burns, Patrick Owens

Domain Controller

One of the most important concepts in Windows networking is that of a domain.  Through this project the student learned that the job of the domain controller is to facilitate the central management of domain resources.  The student also installed Active Directory Domain Services, a DHCP Server, and a DNS Server.

Project Student: Katisha Burns

HP ProLiant Server Build

This semester the student was responsible for a server build that ran Windows Server 2008 R2.  The system requirements for this server were 2 3.4 GHZ Intel Xeon Processors and 6 9.1 GB Hard Drives.  The student also installed 8 GB of ECC RAM and 2 NICs.

Project Student: Katisha Burns

University Department Server Layout

For this student project the students spent time cleaning out the server room to make room for incoming server racks.  While redoing the layout of the server room the student was also required to create a Port Map.  The students were also responsible for taking inventory on all of the devices in the university department and recycling items for surplus.

Student Team Members: Joel Parker, Arend Bockrand, Patrick Owens, Salam Aldakrir