Dell Open Manage Server Admin

This project was to install the Dell Open Manage Server Admin.  Open Manage is a system management utility providing all manner of granular detail about the systems it is installed on.  The OMSA intended installation targets were the Citrix Xen Servers.  The Citrix Xen had a vhost, vhost1, vhost2 and vhost3.  The student downloaded and installed OMSA on those machines to complete this project

 Project Student: Chris Lee


The student needed to set up a NFSISO Share on the network.  This project would serve up ISO files on the network level which would allow any host with the appropriate permissions to access them.  To accomplish this project a VM would need to be spun up and configured to serve as a NFS Share.  Finally, any ISO files currently being used in the lab were dropped out on the NFS ISO Share for immediate consumption.

 Project Student: Chris Lee

XenCenter Client

Due to the problems this student encountered with XenCenter while working on a few other projects, the student thought that XenCenter would perform better if it was ran off of Windows Server 2008 R2 VM instead of Windows XP.  The student created the VM and installed XenCenter Client.

 Project Student: Chris Lee


The student on this project was asked to modify the service check intervals to be ten minutes instead of one minute.  Nagios provides network monitoring services for the lab hosts.  The config files are what controls the actions of Nagios, so the student just needed to modify the appropriate configuration file.

 Project Student: Chris Lee


The goal of this project was to push fresh images out to two labs. The student pushed and pulled images to and from the machines in these labs to ensure they were clean images with the most recent updates.  The student also had the privilege of preparing a Special Events build for a not-for-profit event.  When it was time for the event, the student pushed the build to the computers in both labs.  After the event the student then pushed the original lab build back to those machines.  Toward the end of the semester two other students were added to the ghost team and needed training by the existing member.

 Student Team Members: Madjed Alsaadoun, Mousa Jari, Oliver Wilson

Not-For-Profit Meeting

The goal of this event was to prepare the labs for an event for a not-for-profit.  The students that worked on this pushed a special events build to the two labs they would be using, connected the machines to the network, and set up a printer in each lab.  An issue occurred during the event that dealt with the accounting software they were trying to use.  After troubleshooting the students figured out it was because the software required administrator rights to work properly.

 Student Team Members: Richard Berry, Oliver Wilson

Debian Server

The goal of this project was to build a server using hardware located in the server room.  The server was going to function as a file server and store the Virtual Machine files.  The student decided to use Debian 6.0 as the OS for this server.  The installation when smoothly and the student also installed Samba so the file server could communicate with the Windows workstations.  After this there was an error light on the front of the server.  After some research the student figured out there was an error with hardware.  The student identified that the operating system could not be installed with the RAID container drives inserted on the servers.  Once the student removed that and reinstalled Debian and Samba, the server worked just fine.  The last step was to transfer the VM files over to the server.

 Project Student: Oliver Wilson

Hard Drive Wipe

The goal of this project was to wipe hard drives using DBAN.  The students working on this project began by pulling out the old hard drives and record their serial numbers.  They then used DBAN to remove all existing data on the drive.  They wiped seven drives in each machine and made sure the drive was completely wiped.  This team wiped more than 160 hard drives for the client and another 20 for an university department.

 Student Team Members: Mousa Jari, Majed Alsaadoun