MSD of Non-For-Profit

During the course of this project the students collected IT equipment from other buildings and transferred it to the new construction site.  A design also was made for some of the labs that will be within the new buildings.  During the design process, cable management was thoroughly thought over to ensure the best practice. When the construction got to a certain point, we were able to implement or design and begin the set up phase.  Before moving the equipment in, it was carefully cleaned.  Also during this project the cables for the computers were organized to keep them away from the users.

  Student Team Members: Abdullah Abumouzah, Abdullah Alyousif Ali Zubayd, Michael McWhirter, Steven Roll, Thavarin Krouch

School Projector

Throughout this project the students went to the high school and worked in all the rooms that had a projector.  The students verified the IP addresses and assigned new IP addresses for those that did not have one.

 Student Team members: Abdullah Abumouzah, Abdullah Alyousif, Ali Zubayd, Micheal McWhirter, Steven Roll, and Thavarin Krouch

Install Software Packages

The client for this project was a school and this project consisted of installing requested software onto the computers within the high school.

 Student Team Members: Ali Zubayd, Abdullah Abumouzah, Abdullah Alyousif, Steven Roll, Thavarin Krouch, Mitchel McWhirter

Not-For-Profit Education

This project was done through the university department.  The students that worked on this project was present during an educational process that lasted three days on campus for high school students.  If the high school students needed assistance with anything the student provided support for them.  The students on this project also educated the high school students about webpage design, programming, and configuring wireless routers.

  Student Team Members: Ali Zubayd, Steven Roll

Pen Pix Firewall

This project involved the PEN which is a mobile rack that contains routers, switches, servers, and the firewall.  The students completed tasks such as setting the firewalls passwords, interfaces, DHCP, SSH, NAT Translation and DNS forwarding

  Student Team Members: Corey Small, Mark Mitchell

Flip Camera

The client for this project was the an university department.  They wanted to use the flip camera to take videos of their patients but still needed to be compliant with the HIPPA regulations.  The videos that were recorded needed to be permanently erased without the ability to recover them. The student also needed to find a solution to securely store the videos that were recorded. A procedure was created by the student for securely transferring the video off the flip camera and storing it into the encrypted volume.

   Project Student: Corey Small

Computer Set Up

This project consisted of setting up computers for a not-for-profit.  The requirements for the computers included Windows XP, the ability to save and restore their hard disks via disk images in a multicast setting.  The student researched software solutions that could assist with this process.

  Project Student: Corey Small

University Department Servers

This project included transporting 50 servers from a location to the university department. The students went through the servers to determine what would be usable and what was too outdated.  Some of the parts in the old servers were harvested and inventoried to sell and use the money earned to upgrade the other usable servers.

  Student Team Members: Corey Small, Steve, Mark Mitchell

Ghost Images

The client for this project was the university department.   The student team that worked on this was in charge of creating images of the updates and pushing them to the appropriate labs.  This was to ensure that all the computers within the labs had the most recent updates.

 Student Team Members: Mark Mitchell, Steven Keller