Norton Ghost

The goal of this project was to create a single image for two lab classrooms located in the basement of the university building.  These lab classrooms are used by university students to conduct computer and networking labs in a safe and secure environment.  The image that was created had important software updates that included software such as Adobe Pro, Creative Suite 4, and Windows updates.  After this image was created using Ghost, it was pushed to all the workstations that resided in the two lab classrooms.

Project Student: Ahmed Al Guqhaiman

Printer Repair

This project included researching issues with a printer’s functionality.  After troubleshooting was completed, it was determined that the back roller was the cause of the problems.

  Student Team Members: Ahmed Al Guqhaiman, Mark Mitchell

University Department Policies

The main purpose of this project was to make sure all of the tech policies were clear and easy to understand.  All policies were reviewed for correct grammar and spelling.

 Student Team Members: Ahmed Al Guqhaiman, Anna Schafer, Chris Kulaga, Kyle Gardner, Milton Plummer, Rick Wilburn

Digital Forensics Hard Drive

The focus of this project included installing a hard drive and troubleshooting it using digital forensic tools.  The problem with the hard drive installed was the hard drives already located in the machine had the same jumper.  To resolve this issue, the student changed one hard drive to be the primary and the other to be the secondary.

 Project Student: Ahmed Al Guqhaiman

University Department Lab Layout

The desired goal for this project was to create a new layout for one of the department computer labs.  All of the students within this semester were asked to submit a layout design.  Objects that needed to be included in each proposed layout were tables, chairs, cabinets, instructor space, and PCs.  Design software was tested out but students chose to use Microsoft Office Word 2007 to complete the layout design.

  Student Team Members: The entire class

Cable Management

This project occurred in the basement of a university building within one of the computer testing labs utilized by the university department.  During the course of this project the students dealt with Cisco routers, Cisco switches, patch panels, and HP switches.  The team labelled these cables and connected them from the Cisco router and connected HP switches to the patch panels.

 Student Team Members: Ahmed Al Guqhaiman, Milton Plummer

Server Install

This project consisted of installing a new server and dealing with the server and the switch.  Cables were made to stretch the appropriate distance ensuring that the length of the cables would not interfere with the signal.

 Project Student: Ahmed Al Guqhaiman

Untangle Gateway Management

The goal of this project was to manage the Untangle Gateway firewall throughout the semester.  One of the parts of this project was to create a rule within the firewall via the GUI that allowed FTP traffic into the network.  The student then managed the firewall by checking the logs and confirming every week that the firewall was working accurately.

 Project Student: Anna Schafer

Windows 7 Image

A Windows 7 build was needed for use on the university department computer lab classrooms.  This build was created, then all software that currently was on the previous Windows XP build was added to it.

 Student Team Members:  Brandon Ardoin, Ian Bazilio