Preparing Obsolete PCs for Release

This project dealt with prepping computers taken from one of the labs for donation,resale, or storage. In order to successfully wipe the computers hard drive, some of the computers hardware needed to be reinstalled. This included the hard drive, the ram chip, drive cables, keyboard, and the monitor. The hard drives were wiped according to the Department of Defense standard. The software used to complete the hard drive wipes were Darik’s Boot and Nuke and also Helix by Knoppix.

Project Student: Arlene Tunstall

Small Network Setup

The goal of this project was to put together a small network. When completed the network had a small business server with RAID 1, seven desktop computers consisting of at lease 1 gigabyte of RAM, Windows XP Pro for an operating system, and a small business router/switch with eight to sixteen ports.

Project Student: Arlene Tunstall

Online Form Creation

A not-for-profit organization that focuses on prepping Hispanic youths for college and beyond needed to reduce the amount of paper flow through their office by creating an online application. Two web forms were coded one using php and the other

Student Member: Benjamin Wathen


The goal of this project was to design a server to function as an intrusion detection service. Snort was installed on an Ubuntu server that was set up with a large host of rules. During the course of this project a web interface was also set up to review the logs of the system.

Project Student: Matt Hoffman

Secure Socket Layer Certificate

The goal of this project was to find quotes on new secure socket layer (SSL) certificates for four servers that were having problems with Firefox. Research was done on different major companies that were selling certificates that were compatible with practically all browsers and offered university discounts. After research was completed, seven price quotes were submitted.

Project Student: Bradley Horton

University Department Administrator

The contents of this project consisted of maintaining student workstations and an instructor computer by applying updates and installing software that was needed by the instructor. This project used the Ghost server to pull a fully updated image from a workstation and push it to the remaining student workstations. Another part of this project required a plan of the wiring and upgrade of the switches that were currently in the room.

Student Member: Bradley Horton

University Department IT Support

The goal of this project was to provide IT support to the students and faculty members of a university department.  The responsibilities of this project included maintaining workstations by ensuring they were updated, user management and maintenance, configuration of Ghost console, and VLan creation.

Project Student: Scott Furry