Edit a Page

After a Page has been created, you can edit that page or other pages.  To edit a page go into Pages or All Pages.



Hover over the page you want to edit then select the Title of the post or Edit as shown in this image.Pages-Edit

After the selection the “Edit Page” will appear where you can edit the post.


Here you can change the content of the page, the layout of the page, the Page Attributes, the Title of the page, and the permalink.


To edit the Permalink, select Edit under the Title.


You can only edit a the last section of the Permalink as shown below.


Note: If you want to delete an image on a page select the image then select the Red Delete icon.

Change Media File Image Size

To change the size of a file to the dimensions as seen in Library in Media, select the image you want change, then select the Edit Image button as shown in this image.


This will open the “Edit Image” Window edit the size you want to make sure Advanced Settings is selected as shown in the image below.  Here you will want to delete the CSS Class along with the width and Height (-300×140) at end of the Source as highlighted below.

Note: The width (300) and height (140) will match the numbers at the end of the Source (300×140).


Note: You will want to do this for all the images you want to resize.


Note: Select Update when finished editing.