Add New

Add New allows a user to add a new page. To add a new page select “Add New” under Pages menu or next to Pages as shown in this image.


Once “Add New” is selected, the “Add New Page” page will be displayed.


Here you can add a Title and content to a page. You can also change the layout, the Page Attribute if the page is a nested page, and the order the pages are displayed.

Add Files

Here files can be add by selecting “Add Media”.


This will open a window you can select any file or files you want inserted. If you do not have the necessary file, you can select Upload File to upload the file.


Note: The Upload File process is the same process used in Media Add New “Upload New Media”.

When you are inserting media you can change the size the file will be displayed, if you do not it will default to a medium sized file.

Change Size

In the Insert Media to change the size, make sure Insert Media is selected on the left-hand side to be able to view the Attachment Details, both are marked in the image below.


You can decide what size your file will be in the full view of Attachment Details as shown in the image below.

Note: You can also align the file horizontally and have the file link to a Media File,  Attachment Page, Custom URL or not link at all.


Note: When adding or editing a post or page, you can use the Visual or the Text Window. 

Visual Window

The Visual Window is used for visually adding content.


In this window you can add files, Insert/edit links, and paste content from Microsoft Word.

Insert/Edit Links

You can have a word or set of words link to a different page.

To do this highlight what you want linked then select the Insert/Edit Link icon as shown in this image below.


After selecting the Icon you can add a URL (web-address) of a different website or a permalink (web-address) of a page. You can even select a page to link.


Paste Content from Word

You can copy content from Microsoft Word. To do this open or have some content in word. Highlight content and either right-click then Copy or highlight and use Ctrl+C (Command+C).

In the page or post select the Paste from Word Icon as shown in the image below.


Paste the content in this window as shown in this image.


Text Window

The Text Window is for adding content through coding.


Note:  Always REMEMBER to Update after ever changes.